Nala Spa

Rihiveli inspires us everyday. In Diveli, "Nala" means "beauty".

Nala SPA Team

The professional care and know-how of our team offer you a moment of absolute relaxation in a relaxing environment. Rich with their own traditions and cultures, our highly qualified masseuses give you another vision of what your holiday in Rihiveli can be like: The Dream: An opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself!


Nala Spa makes you discover its universe massages with multiple virtues. Each treatment is a new experience and our tailor-made services adapt to your needs according to your desires. Let yourself be guided by your senses. The benefits of paying attention to your body and mind generally extend throughout the weeks following your stay at Rihiveli The Dream! : Your holidays last longer!

Massages packages

Our massage packages are there to accompany you during your stay. We invite you to book now.

4 MASSAGES: -10%

6 MASSAGES: -15%

8 MASSAGES: -20%

Choose your packages and book your first massage

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