Our ambition for Rihiveli The Dream

Kty, Concept Director :

“Our idea of luxury is simplicity and authenticity. Our mission is to protect this paradise, this magical, unique place, and make it accessible to all those who share these values to make it a place ... even more ...


Who are we ?

Rihiveli The Dream is made up of European nature lovers and a talented Maldivian and international team, many of whom have been faithful to the island for a long time.


At Rihiveli The Dream, preserving this unique island is our reason for being.

Our short and long term actions include


  • Energy optimisation and reduction of the carbon footprint;
  • The introduction of selective sorting, recourse to compost;
  • A coral program in collaboration with seabed biologists;
  • The awareness of our staff and our customers on the respect of the protection of fauna and flora...

Some news

On November 24th at 5 pm, Rihivelians in kayak reported seeing two turtles and an eagle ray caught in a drifting fishing net, 300 m from the shore. Unfortunately, the smaller turtle did not survive, but the largest was saved. The turtle (Eva) was very weak, with a fin recently amputated (due to entanglement in the net); the wound was therefore cut, cleaned and disinfected. It was then transferred to a container of seawater and covered with a wet towel. Rihiveli contacted Ale, the turtle expert at Kuda Huraa, and the turtle was transferred to the Marine Savers Center. To follow Eva's recent news, please visit Marine Savers. 

Such things intensify our desire to improve and do more to contribute to a cleaner environment. We are far from perfect, but we try every day to implement measures to improve the functioning of the island as well as to encourage all stakeholders related to Rihiveli to protect our environment.



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