Beginning of May 2020, the day after the broadcast of a news report from France 2, reporting on the great financial difficulties of our project, we set up this support fund in response to the outpouring of generosity that rose in our community and beyond.

Many people have come forward on our social networks, with support messages and optimism, and some have suggested that donations be raised to save Rihiveli The Dream. All this gives us strength and courage, and we will do everything to prevent the disappearance of this place we love so much!

We are currently in great uncertainty and wholeheartedly hope for a lasting path to the survival of Rihiveli The Dream. Your donations will be used either to consolidate a long-term solution in line with our values or to protect the environment and help the families of employees.

We hope that the mobilization of your network and the largest number will have a significant impact and that we will come out stronger thanks to all those who love the Rihiveli The Dream project and wish to come back one day to enjoy the beauty, the tranquility and the unique friendliness of this little paradise.

Stronger together, we are the Dream Team.

Thank you

Two ways to give:

Wire Transfer

Bank transfer for the benefit of “Save The Dream France” (STDF), with the mention “DON” followed by your first and last name.

  • STDF Headquarters: 7, rue Jean Revel, 14600 Honfleur, France
  • IBAN : FR76 1027 8010 1000 0212 4220 119
  • Bank name and address :  Crédit Mutuel CCM Schiltigheim – 6, place de Paris, 67300 Schiltigheim, France 

To contact us, if you wish for example to confirm the issue of a donation, we will reply to:

On the Cotizup kitty

You can also make a donation by bank card on the Cotiz Up online platform.

For all questions

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